birds in our yard, Randall MN underline
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who says I'm bald - bald eagle 4/12/06
who says I'm bald
Male Pileated, April 19 2006
big red at the suet feeder
Nuthatch at the open feeder, 4/20/06
Nuthatch at the open feeder
Red-bellied Woodpecker loves his fat, 04/18/06
Red-bellied loves his fat
Song Sparrow, 4/16/06
Song Sparrow
a group of Juncos, 4/6/06
a group of Juncos
Tree Swallow at the Bluebird house, 4/14/06
Tree Swallow at the Bluebird house
Tree Swallow pair, 4/14/06
Tree Swallow pair
Purple Finch taking a drink, 4/5/06
Purple Finch taking a drink
female Red-Bellied Woodpecker
female Red-Bellied Woodpecker
a pair of Northern Harriers
a pair of Northern Harriers
Red-shouldered Hawk, 04/04/06
Red-shouldered Hawk
Blue Heron, 4/10/06
Blue Heron
Goldfinch in November
Female Downy 4/7/06
female Downy